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how to avoid lagging while taking take off

 anyone share with me

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Hey there Ramesh
If you are having speed issues within Planswift, there are a couple of factors that could be affecting it.
1) You RAM and the amount of RAM Planswift is using; If Planswift is close to 2 Gigs of RAM you will notice, crashing and speed issues.
2) The files size you're currently working with, are your pages .tiff, are the .pdf? this will contribute to the speed issues, and RAM usage of your Planswift.
3) Are you working locally or through a network location?
4) The amount of take-off items you have on a page will also greatly impact the amount of RAM Planswift is using, and the speed of the program.

There isn't much we can do to speed up Planswift, aside from work within these factors, and adjust some of these factors. If you need assistance please contact us at 888 752 6794 x2; through e-mail at, or Join us for a live chat which you can access through the Help tab of your Planswift Software.


There is something you can do. Maybe upgrading Planswift to 64-bit would make a world of difference. Even with a 16 gig ram machine, when drawing rafters on pitch with more than 4-5 planes, it can take one minute or more to populate my list. This with no other digitizers open. I also transfer all my .pdf files to .tiff.

Here's my tricks;

Do not generate Labels. Turning on the rafter length labels contributes to slow downs.

think about the number of Sections you use. If you draw a large roof with one Section PS will generate all the rafters within that Section, if you draw a large roof in multiple Sections PS will generate only the rafters within a Specific Section at a time. If you need to clear rafter and redraw a Section or make changes PS wont have to redraw the whole page but only the Section effected.

I have found that if you set a color manually for each takeoff item instead of having PS randomly set a color, it improves performance by a lot. I guess is because when you're recording a takeoff, PS is updating the color not only for the current takeoff but also for all other takeoff items, you can see how they all change colors, and doing this takes processing power and memory. Another way to improve performance while doing your takeoff is to split your takeoff in folders, for example 1st Floor, 2nd Floor, etc. And then hide the folder using Windows Folder Properties to keep PS from loading the takeoff you've already done. So for example do one takeoff, let's say 1st Floor, then go to the folder location where your project is being saved and open the "Takeoff" folder then find the 1st Floor folder and open the folder properties, there change the attribute for that folder to "Hidden" and when asked by windows choose to apply only to that folder and not its sub-folders. Then go back to PS and reload the job, or close and then reopen PS. And now PS won't load that folder and leaving more System resources available. It might sound counterproductive, but believe me when doing big building takeoffs with many items it does saves you time, not to mention makes PS less crashy if you know what I mean. When done just unhide all Hidden folders and reload project, it might take a while to load, but the wait won't be as frustrating as when waiting while working on the takeoff. Good luck!!

To complement my previous tip about hiding folders, I'd like to share a easy and fast way to open the folder location of the project you have currently open in Planswift.

I would assume that you already know the following, if not just look it up in Planswift documentation.

  1. Enable Types Tab in Templates.
  2. Edit and add properties to Items.
  3. Enable Dev Tools in settings

First add a property to the "Job" Item with the following properties:

  • Name: "Folder Path".
  • Type: "Text".
  • Parse Formula: Enabled.
  • Formula: "[!FolderLocation]".

It would look something like this:


Then, go to the Plugins Tab and open the Tool Manager, and add a new Plugin with the following properties:
  • Name: "Your Choice ".
  • Plugin Type: "Executable".
  • Executable: C:\Windows\System32\explorer,exe
  • Parameters: "[\Job\Folder Path]" (now, this one you actually need to enter it with quotation marks).
  • Enable "On Ribbon Bar" and make the selection of your choice.

It should like like this:


Good luck!

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