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How to transfer pages only between projects

We do large wood framing takeoffs.  Unfortunately because PS is 32bit and I'm sure some other factors, even a 7 unit building can completely kill PS, let alone a 100+ unit podium frame.

We are facing having to split our projects.  I would like to know how to transfer pages only between files.  For instance, we start project, import plans, name the pages and now we want to make 10 other projects just like it because we need to split it so PS can perform.  I need to know how to do this even if there is takeoff data, because we may not know how we want to split it early on.  So say we perform 5 units in the first project and now would like to continue on in another project, how can we copy the project and only it's sheets to another project? 



With splitting a job, if there is not take-off data it's a pretty easy task, you would simply import the pages to the job you want initially. Then you would create a new job, a blank job, so you skip the option for importing pages, once you've created the new job, you will close out of planswift, and nagivate to your storage location in windows explorer, you will find the folders for both jobs, on the job that has the pages you'll simply drag the pages you want in the second job over to that job. 

 However with take-off data this is not so easy, as the take-off has unique identifier codes that match it to the page, or pages depending on how it's done, and you would need to reach out to a tech support agent for help with that. 

In regards to moving page and take-off data from one job to another...I have wanted to do this, but for expediency and lack of knowledge, have kept data in separate files.  As long as I understand 'how' to merge all page/takeoff/etc. data from two files into one, can it be done with 100% accuracy?  Or, is the process so complicated that it is best to leave the files separate to ensure data integrity?

It is easy,

If you know you are going to need multiple files, then you can do what I do.

I make a job and import the plan pages, after I batch rename the plan pages, I go to "Open" select the file location like "Local" then highlight the newly created project, then in the ribbon I select "Copy To"  usually to the same location, and as many times as needed.

This adds to the Name of the file "copy" then name of the file can be revised by using the properties function if needed.

In review I create the job, import pages, rename pages, copy the file multiple times, revise the file names all before I start any digitations, Also I always watch a task manager and when I approach 1000 MB I start winding down for that file.

However opening and closing multiple files can be difficult in order to put information in the proper file, therefore I use multiple large monitors and multiple Licenses so I can run multiple files of the same job at the same time. That way if I miss some lets say floor joist I don't have to close the file I'm in and open the file that has the floor joist, because as you know this can take several minuets, God forbid you need to do this several times....  

There is a rumor that they intend to release a 64 bit version that will help in information management.

Good Luck, email me any time..


Be careful merging files the reason you need multiple files is that a podium takeoff can exceed PlanSwift's abilities. If you merge a file as described you might make the file too big to load, and as Murphy warrants this will happen on bid day....

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