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Network Storage Problems

Hey guys.  I am an IT tech helping a construction company install a NAS.  I know there is an article which states that "cloud storage" is not recommended but this is something our company really needs.  I also had a Planswift tech tell me that nearly 50% of customers have network locations and I can't imagine they are able to work if they have the same lag issues I have.  I have set up and installed a local NAS to have all of our jobs/templates in one central storage location.  Previously, two computers shared the data by having one machine share out its files to the other.  This caused problems on multiple levels.  Thus, installing the NAS was an attempt to fix some of this.  

The current issue is that any modification to a file on the NAS takes 9-10 seconds to respond and stop lagging.  Even simply drawing a line.  Both PC's have gigabit ethernet and far exceed minimum system requirements.  The folder structures on the NAS are all setup correctly and confirmed by a Planswift tech.  The NAS is a 4TB Western Digital with gigabit ethernet.  Authentication settings are wide open and the NAS is set up for performance.  I've ran diagnostics and watched the NAS performance diags and see no problem on this end during use of these files.  There only thing between these three devices (2 pc's & NAS) is a 10/100 TP Link switch.  Is this the bottleneck?

If there is anything you guys can think of to help I would GREATLY appreciate it.  

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when you're facing speed issues with Planswift. 


Planswift in it's current form is a 32 bit application, so it will have a limit of how much RAM it can actually use. Windows will cap PlanSwift at 2 gigs of RAM usage. Now when it starts to get close to it's cap, it can bog down, and it can crash out.  A couple of things can help with this: 


1.) Having at least 4 to 6 gigs of RAM, 4 gigs is the minimum we recommend.  


2) The more applications you have running along side PlanSwift, the more RAM that is being used, and the more likely you are to run into a situation where Planswift bogs down.  So shut down any unnecessary programs that may be running along side PlanSwift to minimize the RAM usage as much as possible. 


3) The more data you have inside of PlanSwift, the more RAM PlanSwift is going to use, so closing PlanSwift when you start to see it running slowly, should help to alleviate some of the slowness you're encountering.  


4) If you are working from a network location, the communication between PlanSwift and that network location will cause PlanSwift to slow down, you can move the file locally, work on the file, and then move it back, to alleviate speed issues. 


5) If PlanSwift is taking a long time to launch, or fully load when launching, you can go into your settings, select general, and uncheck the box for "Open the last job, when Planswift opens." this will help PlanSwift to launch a little bit quicker.  

Please also keep in mind, that this is what little we can do or suggest in situations of PlanSwift running slow.

I really, really appreciate you responding to this.  Here is some more info in response to above:

  1. The two PC's, the switch, and the NAS are all gigabit ethernet connections.  (I double checked the switch and it is gigabit, not 10/100).
  2. The two PC's are 64bit Win 10, with 16GB of RAM, and have core i7 quad cores.
  3. There is literally nothing else running on these machines besides a lightweight AV and Planswift.

I'm stumped.  Is this a software limitation with Planswift?  Is there anything we can do besides moving the files back and forth?  This extra step isn't ideal for us and not sure where to go at this point.  Thanks!

Any update to this problem? I'm having the same issues with having Planswift files on a NAS. On bigger jobs the slowdown gets pretty bad, closing and opening the program has little effect and having to move files back and forth from the NAS to the local computer is not an optimal solution. Is there any fix on the horizon?

There currently is no change in the status of this situation. 

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