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Is there a way or formula to extract the individual segment measurements(lengths) in a linear takeoff and base a formula/equation on each segment without resorting to use the segmented takeoff tool?


Mark L

Did you get an answer to this?

No I have not received a reply.

The Segments are counted in the "Takeoff Data"

You could divide the Linear Total by the Segment Count to get a average Segment Length.

If you tell me what your trying to achieve I might be able to help..

I am trying to achieve a reinforcing steel materials list by segment. Which would include the number of whole pieces of rebar (typically 20') as well as the fill piece.I have the formula already developed and it works as designed on individual segments but it is time consuming to takeoff each plan in segments. That is why I was asking the question above. Thanks for your help!

If you did not get an answer, then you could try using the beam tool. Turn on the generate parts, and if you do not want the labels then turn those off, you can round the material to the nearest foot. This will give you a running tally on the different lengths of lines that you create.


Did you try the beam tool. It sound like that's just what you want. Turn on generate part to get the list with tallys

In the Estimating Tab the filter button will show the individual segments, I haven't discerned if they are usable in a formula yet. 

Wolf....have you figured out how to incorporate individual segments into a formula yet?  This is also something that I have been struggling to figure out.

You can, it's actually pretty easy. In your part or material you would go into advanced and and pull the takeoff  of each segment into the formula and add them together before your main formula. See PDF I have two Linear takeoffs and two different formulas and I add them both together for one total. 


I've created a digitizer record item (a segment type takeoff item).  From what I understand, this is the parent.  My goal is to create a sub-item labor part under this segment type takeoff item.  Each piece 21' length and shorter will require this sub labor item to be included.  If I start recording, click two points (22.57 ft), click another two points (17.57 ft), click another two points (48.56 ft) and then end my record, the total linear footage for the item I recorded is 88.7 ft.  If I open the takeoff summary and filter by section, I can view each of the section lengths as they were taken off (ex. 22.57, 17.57 and 48.56). Here is my dilemma...I need to figure out how to write a formula for the sub labor item to calculate the total number needed.  Since my labor item is dependent upon each section length (not the total linear footage) as a whole, how do I write the "if / then" expression to only include each individual section length that seems to be self creating itself as a click my points?  I cannot figure out how to incorporate each segment length into my formula.  It wants to use the total linear takeoff (88.7 ft) (If my labor count was based on the 88.7 ft, with the roundup expression, it would calculate 5 labor operations.  Based on my individual segment lengths, I should have 6 labor operations.)

Possibly use the Segment Tool in lieu of the Linear Tool.

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