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Planswift will not run

It's been over two months and Planswift will not run. Three support people tried to help but were unable. What do I do now? Anyone have any ideas?

I'm running the latest updated windows 10. Nothing else on my computer failed to run so it is specific to Planswift. Any help would be appreciated.



Mine starts to load and then stops at "Loading Help Form"...

Would love some help here...

Thank you,

-Paul Dugas

We have seen an influx of questions on why Planswift updates and downloads are freezing on the "Help Forms" splash screen. This problem has been linked to Windows 7 and Planswift versions 10.1 and above.


While the problem is still under investigation, we have had success with changing properties in Internet Explore to help the program start up correctly.


YOU MUST USE INTERNET EXPLORER! Changing Chrome or Firefox or even Edge will not have the intended affects.


Here is a step-by-step guide to fix the problem:



1. Open Internet Explorer and go to settings, this is usually a gear button on the top right-hand of the page. Click on 'Internet Options' and that should open up a new screen.

2. In 'Internet Options' go to the 'Security' tab. In 'Security' go to 'Local Intranet' and click the 'Sites' button. This will open a new screen. Make sure 'Automatically detect intranet network is unchecked. Then un-check 'Include all sites that bypass the proxy server' and leave the other checked. DO NOT CLOSE THIS BOX YET! We will come back to it in a few steps.

3. You now should be able to start Planswift without the help hang. If you do still experience problems please call us at 888-752-6794 ex 2 

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