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roof pitch


I am using planswift with the metric system and am unfamiliar with the imperial system. Im putting in my pitch at 40 degrees but the roof is comin in at a massive area compared to when i measure it manually with a ruler.

I tried putting in 10/12 instead (which should be close to 40degrees?) but now the area of the roof is too small.

roof pitch in say the joist tool is a single number, not 10/12 nor 40* just use 10

Simple Formula: Sqrt(rise(M)^2+run(M)^2)/run(M)  the product of this formula will produce what I call a Pitch factor which can be multiplied to Area's or Linear's totals.


Sqrt(.152^2+.305M^2 =.340778: .34778/.305=1.117


Sqrt(6^2+12^2 =13.416: 13.416/12=1.118

so if a rafters run were 10' the rafter would be 11.18' in length

or if a rafters run were 3M the rafter would be 3.351M

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