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Joist tool in an assembly?

Hi All,

I'm new to the program and would like to be able to use the joist tool with an assembly. Does anyone know how I can accomplish this?

Thank you


The Joist Tool is a scripted tool, which means once you draw the joist the tool fires and retrieves  "Joist Material" to make the joist materials.

As an example I use the Joist Tool to draw corridor joist and I want an assembly to account for hangers??

Once the Joist Tool  makes the "Joist Segment" and the Joist Segment has made the Joist, I drag from my template the assembly with the hanger material, and drop it into the Joist Segment. I am using data that the Joist Segment shows to count the hangers.

When I started doing this in 9.5 the assembly type did not protect the hanger materials from the Joist Tool scripting. If I drew additional joist areas the scripting would rewrite over the quantity formula of my hanger material. By trial and error I found that I could use a "Folder" in lieu of an assembly to protect my hanger material formula. I am now using 10.1 but still use the folder just because I know it works rather than an assembly.

Wolf, this is awesome. One question. For some reason the joist tools are not recognized in our planswift. I like how you mentioned you simply drag the hangers over into the joist tool. Do you have formulas in the hangers so they will calculate (times 2) the quantities that would attach to rim joists?


A joist hanger assembly needs to be a "Folder" with a child "Material" to represent the joist hanger. The Folder  protects a child "Material"  from the scripting tool that wants to over write formulas in child items. This is not a sanctioned PlanSwift usage but it does work.

To clarify I drag the folder into the Joist Segment, the "Joist Segment" will contain the information needed to count hangers. The two properties used are "Point Count" for hangers at each end of the joist and "Segment Count" for hanger at one end of the joist. See the excerpt from my current takeoff... 


One more caveat; I have created a TAB I call a "tool box" in the Template Tab where I have made specific tools. I do not use the drop down tools on the Home Tab.


To address the fact that your joist tool is not recognized...


 Make sure Your Joist Tool Advanced Property "Type" under "Item" is set as "Joist Tool"

You may have to enter your "Types" Tab and modify the Joist Segment and the Joist Material Items to inherit information from the Joist Tool. Be careful making changes to your Types can cause PlanSwift to change its operations, keep a detailed account of any changes you make just in case you need support to set you right again.

You will find access to your "Types" Tab in the "Setting" tab.


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