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Move to 64-bit

Is there any plan to move Planswift to 64-bit?  Planswift offers too many options within the program to operate on 32-bit effectively. I love the versatility, just had the lag.

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I agree, the lag is just too much. I have 16 Gig of Ram SSD HD and still the fact that there is a bottleneck because of the 32 bit is pretty bad. We need a faster system. We are not alone in this. When we do takeoffs it's a given that we will have many many items in a given takeoff so this should be a top priority at this point I think. Once at a certain point the software has a hard time performing. This causes lots of aggrivation and we lose time waiting.

Please let us know if this is even something that's in the works (It should be) and when you expect to roll out a 64 bit version.

Other than that I love planswift. 


I agree. I've got a pretty good rig, but it can get pretty frustrating with how bad the lag can get once I've started adding some more memory intensive tools. I've found that I just need to create a separate job for certain things just so it doesn't slow down everything else too much. I end up putting off certain tasks just because I know it's going to eat up a lot of time waiting for PS to catch up.

Planswift has been an amazing resource. I'm just a little surprised this is something that hasn't been updated yet. I'd happily pay for the software update if they would make this change. 

Planswift is good I agree, but up to that point. But I disagree with paying for a software update. We are paying a yearly maintenance fee already so to ask us to pay an additional fee on top of that for the 64 bit update for the software to function properly would make us and others that we know who are also in the same boat when it comes to performance rethink planswift.

The maintenance fee does include all updates right now.

Artin, I would agree with you in your circumstance. Unfortunately, while my last company was enrolled in the maintenance program, my current company is not. So, either way, I'd have to pay.

However, my point was more to drive home the value of having a 64-bit version. Most computers now are all 64-bit systems. So, most people using this software at this point would stand to benefit from it.

Go check out the tips & tricks discussion under "Speed Up". They released a free patch to allow Planswift to use 4gig of ram.

I've already done that. But, I've got 32GB of DDR4 RAM. That's a lot of untapped potential.

That patch appears to do little to alleviate the coffee break inducing lag flipping through pages of large jobs.


The reason I have continued to keep paying the yearly maintenance fee for the software is the hope that it would move to a 64 bit version. I have spoken to planswift tech support on multiple occasions. More so as I built my own templates and saw the actual limitations of the software and there are many. Now you are hinting that there will be a fee or another purchase needed to get the 64 bit. I am definitely not cool with that and considering that I have invested much more than the initial grand + needed to purchase more than one license plus the plug ins I have bought more importantly the time I have invested building my templates. I would drop the software and move to another. As I said one of the main reasons that I and many others who use the software to near full potential is the hope of a 64 bit version. I don't think it is warranted that an additional fee be imposed to loyal customers. 

I have no problem saying this because I would feel like I had been lead on.

FYI I have the same specs as does Dave and on top of that I have a Samsung SSD. So my pc is more than capable but the software limitations when to comes to speed only creates a bottleneck.

All the best


Just an FYI I do not work for Planswift, I am a user too. I have built many template to streamline processes the same way you have. I feel the same frustrations as you. I was told over a year ago that the 64 bit system would be released at last year's builders show. Here we sit, still waiting.....

From my experience, It does not matter if you have a $5000 or $500 machine when it comes to using this program. The limitations are within the program.

Once they release the 64-bit version, I'm assuming there wouldn't be any additional cost if you're already paying the yearly maintenance fee. 

Right now, the problem is there's no clear information stating when they are going to do it. I reached out to them recently and was told that they have it on the list of things that they are planning on doing, but didn't have any timeline as to when they actually planned to roll that out. It doesn't take a masters degree in project management to see that means it's not happening anytime soon.

I had spoken to them earlier and they said that it will be out by the end of year. Hopefully, we will get it then without an additional charge.

regarding your earlier post. I agree with the limitations. I have a really well built PC. Speed/Processing is not the issue here. There seems to be a bottleneck when it comes to RAM. Also, the software itself has many bugs and problems. now I am assuming that you are also using the software to near full potential. You wont see the shortcomings unless you build your own templates. I have many. I kind of felt like a beta tester for them with the number of times I called into customer support. A lot of the issues they had no real fix for which was pretty annoying which I thought should be top priority to fix. Overall I'd give the software 5 out of 10. It's cool if you're using it for basic takeoffs for SF. Once you have your own templates with equations etc. it starts to give problems. Recently I have seen new bugs. I made a 3 page list and called in. No solutions other than "Our larger clients that use the software like you do are running into these kinds of issues and we are aware of them"

Well, if you're aware of them, cant you put people on the problem to fix them, especially for the larger clients?

I am a small business in my opinion by the way. So I don't know how they are gauging the size.

Also, I had to learn about software language to be able to build some of my templates. Another problematic step as I am a contractor and don't have the time. Well, I made time that was taken away from something else and now I have bugs.

I hope they get their software fixed up and soon. At this point I am finding it to slow and.... "Buggy"

P.S. The slow processing speed has been a known issue for years now. In my opinion it should have been fixed by now.

All the best.

I've actually run into the issues with the built-in, unmodified tools as well. Once you've added in a couple joist layouts and labeled point counts, it'll slow it down significantly. I've stopped using labeled point counts because of it. I've altered the joist template so it doesn't show any labels or run calculations until the end when I request it.

Pretty much all my templates are pieces I've created over the last 5 years or so using PS. The worst thing I run into with my own templates is the amount of time it takes to load some of them because of how many parts there are. Again, fixing the 32/64-bit issue should fix that. Similarly, once I finish a job and move it to another folder, that can take forever too.

I do agree with you about the language. The basic stuff is pretty similar to Excel, so that wasn't too difficult to figure out. It's once I get into the scripting that I start to get in over my head a little bit. I've learned a little VBA for Excel macros, but not enough to be proficient. The help section seems to be a little lacking in that area for me.

When I've run into buggy parts and called in, assistance wasn't too helpful. They had a hard time replicating my issues and just ended up saying, "It must be your system." They were able to help me on a couple. At this point, I've just learned to work through the bugs.

By larger clients, I'm assuming they're referring to places like ProBuild and 84 Lumber who, I'm sure, are buying several licenses. I'm a small, single-license user as well.

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