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Item Grouping in Reports

I was wondering how I can group items that are the same. For instance, if I have two instances of a 6" Metal stud, the reports prints that as two items with two different quantities. I was wondering if there is a way to group them so it only shows the item once, with the summation of the quantities. It does this in some of the reports already, but I cannot find the option that allows me to do that in my own custom report.

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In the report tab lets say the name is the same for all 6" Metal studs grab the Name property and drag it up into the gray area. then go to the columns button and add the sum function to your qty in the Group Summary set the format and it will do as you indicated. Else you can export to Excel and sort and group there?

Could you post a screenshot of this? I can't quite get it to work. 

Rachel, the first Screen Shot is showing multiple 2x8x16


By dragging the "Name" property into the grey bar they will group.


You can show a summary of quantities by manipulating the properties in the Columns Buttom.


See that I manipulated the properties of "Qty2" to Sum all values with the same name


The filter options in PlanSwift are limited but you can always export to Excel and filter multiple times

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