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Break existing area into multiple user-defined sub-areas & add functionality to Change Item Type plugin

My idea is to be able to break existing areas into multiple user-defined sections, similar to how a linear can be broken into multiple segments by inserting break points. 

For example, you've measured the entire sidewalk on a project as a single large area but your boss wants to know the measurements of typical sidewalk, light duty sidewalk, and CG-12. In order to do this, to my knowledge, you would have to subtract sections which is both tedious and imprecise or delete your work and start over.

Ideally, the user would define a sub-area within an existing area by adding (if necessary) and selecting points then use the Change Item Type plugin to reassign the selected sub-area to another pre-existing item type. 

To further increase efficiency, give the Change Item Type plugin the ability to create new item types if possible. As it is now, the plugin can only populate pre-existing items. This limitation can be worked around in 4 steps:

  1. Create a new item with the properties you need anywhere on the page
  2. Select points to define area to be changed
  3. Use Change Item Type plugin to reassign/change selected area to pre-existing area
  4. Delete area created in step 1

Giving the Change Item Type plugin the ability, or creating a new plugin, to create new item types cuts those steps in half. Or would it be easier to expand on the Subtract from Section function by adding the ability to select an area and either change the item type or create a new item? I've attached 3 pictures to illustrate the proposed feature. In the first picture, you can see that the sidewalk is a single large area.In the second picture, I've selected the CG-12 to be separated from the rest of the sidewalk. In the third picture, I've deleted the brick pavers from the sidewalk because it isn't possible to add nor select points to separate that section without having to erase most of your work. Being able to change the selected area instead of simply deleting it then having to draw it back in to create a new item type would save us all a lot of time.

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