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Get value of selected area/items?

Is it possible to find the value of selected sections of an area or linear items? Due to an addendum to a project, I have to submit a change order specifying the change of finish of selected sidewalk already submitted in a proposal and installation of additional sidewalk with the same finish and brick edging.

For example, using the attached screenshot, you can see that I have selected the 19 sections of sidewalk quoted in the original proposal. What I'm looking for is a way to calculate the square footage of the selected sections without having to resort to inputting the values manually into a calculator. It's partly due to laziness but mostly due to the tedious nature of hovering the cursor over each section and waiting for the pop-up to display the value.

If this function doesn't already exist, would it be worthwhile to propose as a feature request?

Don't know for sure, maybe try a layer?


There are a few ways you could actually do this..

1) Select all of the sections (area/linear/counts) you wanted to quantify and then copy and paste as a NEW item to differentiate them from the original assembly.  That should give you the quantities you are looking for and you can delete those new assemblies after yove recorded your quantities.


2) You can expand on option 1 with the copy and past as new item.  Then from the Estimating Tab you can toggle to the filter to view sections.  From there you could collapse all assemblies, except the new ones that you want to quantify.  Export that view to excel and it should populate all of the section lengths/areas/counts for those expanded assemblies.  From there you can do a quick formula to sum the quantities and manipulate them with waste/rounding or whatever else would be needed.  See the pictures for an example of method 2 to get the data into excel pretty quickly.

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