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Plan options

I'm a new user of PlanSwift, but wanting to know the best way to handle plan options? For example, a Study that might be changed to an optional bedroom and bathroom. Is there a way to set up a job with the base material take-off and be able to add and subtract based on the selected options?

You can put the material for options into a folder, then sort your report to only include folders you want.


maybe you can use the Advanced property of a pert to make check boxes these return True or False conditions, these conditions can be referenced by other parts by using Pascal or Basic logical statements. for instance, the finish in a bathroom may be subject to change effecting the cost values you can set up a property with multiple finishes  and reference the finish to a cost using logical statements.

Countertop could have as a property "Finish" with a simple list or a List which contains Plam, Cultured Marble, Granite Etc.

Then depending on the value that is chosen in the Finish property the Cost would change accordingly like: If the finish is equal to Plam then return a cost vaule value of $15 a LF and if this finish changes to Cultured marble then automatically the cost property return a value of $25.00 a LF.

As far as the takeoff information it too can be modified in a similar way.

I love using logical statements in my templates another powerful tool is the "[..]" which will inherit values above. this way you can change values say in a tool and effect all child material under it.

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still have not viewed your demo i guess i need a ticket  do you Know of another estimating software that is not so hard to use

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