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Divide individual segments by a value

it would be great to be able to divide individual line segments by a value for both linear total & segment lines

one would then be able to accurately calculate the number of studs, bolts, reinforcing starter bars etc based on spacings for each line segment

at the moment if i use the linear or segment tool i can't divide individual lengths by say stud spacings to give me an accurate stud count to each for each segment it can only divide the total metres by the spacings,

Since the no & size of segments varies all the time it is difficult to get an accurate count based on an spacing

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Similarly, I'd like to add rod/shelf supports for closet rods and shelves longer than 4 feet. If I have three 3' rods and shelves, simply dividing the linear total by 4 would tell me I need two supports, but the reality is I don't need any supports because no individual segment is longer than 4'. For my purposes, I think I could make this work if each segment "section" had a incrementally unique name but PlanSwift names each individual segment "section" and I've not found a way to change that. For example, if each section was named section1, section2, section3, etc. I could then add supports for each section individually.


Hi Kevin, 

Being able to divide segments by a value you would be able to add 2 end supports to each section & also divide each segment for centre supports a what ever spacing you specify, using the round down function to only have whole numbers

I would use the a couple properties to do this.

First I would use the linear property, and set up a condition If the linear total is < than three then return a value of 0, if the linear total is > three then divide the linear total by a layout, this would give you a shelf bracket at each layout interval, additionally I would use the segment property like [segment] *2 which will return two shelf brackets for every segment one essentially at each end of each segment.

I count wall studs, my formula looks like this: ((([Linear Total]-[Manual Subtract])/([OC Spacing]/12))*[Studs per Layout])+(2*[Point Count])+(2*[Section Count])

I use the Linear Total and subtract any large sections like storefront areas then divide it by an On Center Spacing, in my case usually 16" then multiply it by the number of studs that occur at each layout plus two studs for every point to make inside corners then two studs for every segment to start and stop each segment with a stud.

Combining this with logical statements will allow you to formulize anything. 

You can have a property inside the segment section item with a formula that will do calculations based on individual measurements of the section, then you can sum the results of this calculation from each section to a property in the parent segment item. Good luck!
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