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Plan swift slow drawing joists

Hello, I bought the fastest computer i have ever had , 8G video memory, 32 g memory etc, and when i first installed plan swift , it was fast at drawing joists , but now 4 months later it gets slower and slower , i am doing a multi family floor system in 2x12 and when i split the joists it is extremely slow.

What can i do to speed things up, my plugins are Parr lumber plugins but i 

also use it standalone for my other clients i work for,

I have nine data storage locations reflecting prior year clients and 3 are in an exterior drive for storage purposes, so i can copy jobs to storage for backup . Any help would be great, i know the program should be faster,

I also use 3 screens 

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First go into the advanced properties of your joist tool and uncheck the labels so they are not populated as the joist are drawn. next when this occurs it redraws all the joist within the section, so if your drawing floor joist that are the same say 2x10 every time you draw a new area when joist are drawn all areas created by that tool recalculate. 

If I have to draw a lot of say floor joist I may make my tool then copy and past it multiple time in my folder so each one is a separate Segment that way I can divide the total area that need joist into smaller manageable areas without effecting areas that do not need corrections or recalculations. 

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