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Scale of Copied Data

I am having an ongoing problem copying an old takeoff onto a new version of the drawing.  I am able to go through the action of copying and pasting without issue.  My problem is that the old QTO pasted onto the newly imported drawing becomes either large or smaller then my drawing despite being the same scale.  Sometimes the quantities of the pasted data will change as well.

Its as if the scale of the pasted data changes despite both drawing having the same scale.  The drawings are imported separately and are PDFs converted to TIFFs.

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maybe, just maybe the pages are not the same scale? Try and manually scale the each page with given measurement's, just because the page says 1/4=1' does not mean its true, it may have been true when the Architect drew the page in AutoCAD but when he resizes the window to fit white space if he's not careful the scale can change with out notice. There for I always manually scale each page I digitize on.

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