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Pasting Items and Scale

I have an on going issue when pasting a takeoff item from one drawing to another.  Both drawings have the same scale but were imported at different times.  When I paste the data, the pasted item is either too large or too small and doesn't match the corresponding area on the new drawing (the size of the item being taken off has not changed on the drawing).  The quantities will also change.

Any ideas on how to fix this?  I often have to redo QTOs after a revision to a drawing is issued.

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It'd be nice to get some response from PlanSwift on this because it makes keeping track of changes in drawings a huge hassle, when it should be a simple copy and paste. PLANSWIFT CAN YOU HEAR USSSS!!!!!

I talked with Tech Support about the same issue and this was the solution that worked for me:

1)Go to the original page you are trying to copy your take off from. Right-click -> Properties ->Advanced

2) From here you can check what DPI you imported the image as: Page width / Page width shown at top of drawing = your DPI

3) Do the same imported DPI check on the new drawing.

If they're different, that's why the scaling is messed up. You'll just have to re-import the new drawing with the same DPI as the original drawing.

Hope this helps.

Logan, you are the champ~!!!..

I had the same problem all the time and now know how to fix it~~


It's also something to do with tick of downsize TIF file option...

I tested with imported plans in 200 DPI with downsize vs 200 DPI without downsize.. NOT affect as both page sizes are the same.

But when I tested plans in 400 DPI with downsize vs 400 DPI without Downsize.... the problem occurs...

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