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Keyboard hotkey(s) to open properties window

After loading a pdf file containing the drawings for a project, I go thru the individual pages and change their titles from the file name to the individual page's title for easier use later during the take off.

Currently, I have to double left click on the page title to open its properties window where I can change the title.  Once the window is closed, I can use the down arrow to move to the next page.

Is there a keyboard hotkey that I can use to open the page's property window?  It would make the process go so much faster if I don't have to move my hand to the mouse each time.

You can rename the item using F2 (in Windows) and then <enter> to complete and close.


We use the auto page name feature (set by a region on the page) in Blue Beam Revu to name the pages then export all the pages in the file as individual sheets which use the page name to name the file.  Then import the individual pages into PS.  It seems to save time renaming all the pages in PS.

Like Michael, I also use the OCR/Label feature with Blue Beam Revu and it works decently well... most of the time.  However, if the fonts are missing/or too close together or the titles are slightly off with pages it will still require reviewing and manually editing the file names.  Blue Beam Revu is a great method, but also is pretty $$ for the program.

Another way to do this relatively quickly in Planswift is to use the "Batch Rename Pages" tool.  This will automatically focus in on a corner of the sheets (defaults to bottom right).  You can enter the name and click the "Save & Next" button and it will automatically go to the next page and maintain that same page region focus.  To make it even easier, you can copy some text that would be consistent in all your sheet names and then paste that into each new sheet and then just manually type the sheet/detail number after the pasted text.

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