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Adding additional "child" material item to the "parent" linear/segment

I'm a plumbing estimator and can't find any plugins or anything to really help me out with a database for all my parts and materials so i'm having to create everything from scratch. What i'm wanting to know is if when i am taking off my water piping, say copper water piping, i'll select my master copper linear tool that already has a material item as a child and select the different specs and sizes that i'll use "1x20 LF Type L Hard Copper Pipe" and start my take off. Every where i would click technically would be where a fitting would be installed. So, if i start at the stubin of the domestic water service, i would need a 1" 90 turning the pipe horizontally and then click my 2nd point and lets say its a drop to a lavatory sink, so 1" x 1/2" drop and tee would be placed there. At this point when i click that 2nd point i am wanting for an additional child material item that is linked to my copper fitting database list to be "dragged&dropped" to the linear assembly in my takeoff folder or even if its just pulled into my estimate somewhere and a dialog box come up asking me to select the type of item to use "insert the specs&sizes of the type of copper fitting" in this spot. So pretty much i would take off my piping and fittings as one instead of having to do all my piping then come back to it and set up each individual items. In addition to that, i also want it to reuse a material item that is existing first before making the same size fitting multiple times during the takeoff.... 

Sorry i'm sure its scrambled....

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