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Pause/Resume Calculations Button

I like your software because it allows the end-user to customize so many options. I've been working on a plugin specific to my needs and I like the end result. 

However there is only one thing that Planswift lacks and its performance, even if you would had a powerful workstation capable of running CAD software, Planswift software architecture is not capable of taking advantage of a powerful workstation. 

So I think it would help to improve performance if you could suspend any calculation during the takeoff face, so putting together assemblies and parts, and copying items would not take so long. And then when you are done then resume calculations and let the software do it only one time.

I hope it this is possible and if it is and it makes sense then please consider it, because right now Out of the time I spend doing a take off at least 30% of it is waiting for planswift.

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