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Transfering to new sheets

This happens to us on a lot of projects. We begin working on an estimate and then an Architect sends a new set of plans. Some times the changes aren't drastic to where we would want to begin an entirely new takeoff, but just take the work we have already done and transfer them to new sheets that we read into the project. Is there already a solution for this? I have been told a couple times now by Support that there is not

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Within planswift there is no specific option for this, however there are some workarounds that I have come up with. One way is: Import revised plans to planswift, then go to the page where you have your takeoff then select all items on the page ( left click from top left corner holding it drag the mouse to the right bottom corner of the page). Once items said are selected right click on any of them and then select COPY. To make sure the items line up correctly on the new page take note of where the points of the items you selected are closest to the top and left side of the page. Then go to the respective revised page and place the the mouse pointer where furthest top point and furthest left point intersect, then right click and select paste and say yes to the popup question, if done correctly the your items should've copies and alli you have to do is to back to the old page and delete copies items to avoid duplicates. If your items don't line up, all you have to do is select them all, right click on any of them, then select MOVE and this will allow you to move items to the right position. There are other workarounds but involves a lot more it'll take me a lot of time yo explain, though They provide a better result. Hit me by email and we can arrange a remote session by TeamViewer Good luck!!
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