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Area take-off:: Exposing the rectangular block size L X W

I am a new PlanSwift user and am super-excited about the possibility to leverage the framework provided to refine our pricing models.

I want to build takeoff templates that inherit the Length and Width from area takeoff. A "Rectangle" Plugin has been referenced by one trainer, but I can't find it anywhere for download or sale, and he has not been able to provide us with a link or any further info. I've also seen a video example of a dimensioning plugin that allowed you to record the block size (ortho rectangle fitted to the maximum extents of the takeoff area). Similarly, I can't find that plugin for sale or download.

Does anybody know how to inherit the Length and Width of rectangular takeoff (I am happy to use Box mode and Ortho while doing the takeoff)?

Does anybody know of the above mentioned plugins and where to buy them?

If not, I'll probably go down the road of using the SDK, but it's not a distraction that I welcome right now, given the huge task I'm faced with building my own customized library of parts, assemblies etc.

Thanks in advance,


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