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When I use CONTINUE WITH option, I have to scroll to the bottom of the list  to reuse last item.. could you place them on top? (faster)

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You have 3 more options other than "continue with" to start recording existing takeoff items: 1. "Pages" Window in Home Tab. For every takeoff item you record on a page, that item becomes a child item of that page. All you have to do to start recording that item is on click in the green buttom that appears when you hover the mouse pointer over the item. 2. "Takeoff summary" window in Home Tab. In this window you will have all takeoff items you've recorded. To start recording an already existing item just hover the mouse pointer over the item and click on the green button that appears on the left. 3. If the item that you want to continue recording is right on the active page you are on, then just do a right click with the mouse and if you did not missed the item there will be a contextual menu with this option "New Section", just select that option to start recording that item. Good luck! Here is my email just in case.
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