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Running Planswift through Parallels

As the title says, I am running Planswift through windows in Parallels on my 13" macbook pro with retina display. My issue, is that when I make the resolution on parallels suit my mac which is the highest resolution i can select, all the text and menu bars in Planswift are tiny, almost too small to read. When I set a lower resolution in windows, everything becomes too pixelated. I have set the icon and text size to be appropriate and this seems to be fine in other programs such as internet explorer, I just can't make it work for Planswift.

Any information and help on this would be much appreciated.


SO I was looking at some support on the Parallels side of things; have you attempted to run with the scaled checked off?

this document may be of some help with the scaling and resolution inside of your parallels. 

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