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Saving QTO from Multiple Estimators into a Project Specific Folder on a Shared Drive

The "Browse To" function allows for saving a planswift file to a specific location without having to create a new data storage location, however, the files get corrupted if multiple estimators try to save a job to the same folder. I highly recommend developing this function or changing the data storage location management so estimating teams can better consolidate the QTO files based on the project specific filing system.

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I set up a storage location on a shared drive. It is possible to have multiple estimators work on the same project if caution is used.

1. What one man does is not seen by the other man until the project is reopened.

2. To avoid "Corruption" I have one man work on the first floor while the other man works on the roof. We use folders in the estimating tab so when working on the roof they will place digitations in the roof folder and will need to stay out of the first floor folder.

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