New Features:

Download plans to your iPhone / iPod Touch.

Expressions Value Type in the properties window allows users to write Basic or Pascal expressions such as IF statements.

Custom Lists allows users to create their own drop-down lists for properties.

Send Plans using your contacts from MS Outlook.

Archive your old projects with a click of a button.


Input Values Dialog now shows inputs for child items

Snap, Ortho, and Freehand are now accessible from the status bar

Draw continuous linear dimensions by using the arrow keys

Column and Property names are automatically linked

Overwrite confirmation added to the Add Pages dialog

Default CSI Division list added to the install

New default property for Load

Page Legend now shows transparency on colors

Scripting language defaults to Pascal (Developer edition)

Hid  "Column" column in Edit Properties

Add New Pages dialog will confirm overwriting


Fixed - SUM function in Excel.

Fixed - issue when registering .dll files.

Fixed - selected page scrolling to top when "Continue With" is selected.