SwiftDepot Window  - View your Parts and Assemblies and drag and drop them directly onto any digitizer that is on the image!

Parts Window - See in real time the parts that are currently attached to any digitizer simply by clicking on the item. 

Metric Units - We have fully incorporated metrics into PlanSwift.

Set Measurement Type per Job - Set your desired measurement type job by job.

Attachments Window  - Now you can attach and organize all of your job files such as spec books, and cut sheets.

Breaking a Linear section - A handy tool indeed!

Enhanced Send  - Not only can you to send entire jobs and screenshots, you can now send any Additional Files.

Digitizer Legend -  You asked for it and We delivered! A color legend right on the image.

Enhanced Job Properties - Edit job Names and descriptions as well as setting the default measurement type.

Multiple assemblies on a digitizer.

Print Function - Printing is now available from the estimating window.

Drag And Drop - Drag and drop parts and assemblies directly onto digitizer items.

Plugin Manager - Utility for managing your third-party plug-ins.

OLE Automation / COM Interface - (Enterprise Version) for integration into third-party applications such as MS Excel, Word, Access, QuickBooks etc.

Speed improvements - Multiple improvements for speed.

 .CAL and .DJVU - Additional supported file types.

New interface for Planroom files - enhanced interface will move documents in the spec folder to the attachments automatically.

Export items  - to a .swiftitem file to send and share individual parts and assemblies.

More Tutorial Videos - 

Knowledge Base - All Documentation is now located in a searchable database.

New Beta Program - Join our beta tester program!

Improved Conversion Utilities -  When adding new pages

Toggle Verify Points - Press CTRL while digitizing to input an exact length.