Input Values: This feature allows you to set any item property as an Input Value. When there is a property set as an input and the part is applied to a digitizer, a window will pop up and prompt the user for any additional information that is required to complete the calculation.

Improved Bookmarks with a Snapshot feature: You can still use the bookmarks in the traditional way but now you can also create a Snapshot along with the bookmark.  When you click on the camera icon the bookmark will open in a new window for viewing alongside your plans.

Assignable Part Types: You can now assign a Part Type to your parts such as Material, Labor, Equipment, SubContract, or other.

License Manager: This feature allows easy management for all of your PlanSwift licensed plugins.

Added functionality to rotate individual pages by 180 degrees. 

Now Available - PlanSwift Developer 8.3:

PlanSwift is pleased to announce the release of PlanSwift Developer 8.3!

After months of development and careful consideration, we have decided to retire the Enterprise edition of PlanSwift. While there is some customization ability in the current Enterprise version, there are even more in the Developer edition. It is simply not feasible to continue development on a version that will have very limited capabilities.

What does this mean for our existing Enterprise users? We recognize the concern of our customers who currently use the Enterprise edition wondering where they stand. We will continue to support the Enterprise version throughout the remainder of the maintenance agreements; however, no updates to the Enterprise editions will be available. We are offering our Enterprise customers the option to upgrade at no cost if they choose.

The Developer Upgrade is not automatic - If you are an existing Enterprise user with an active maintenance plan, please call 1.888.752.6794 opt 2 for your  Developer Upgrade.

More OLE events have been added.

Write Scripts in Pascal or Basic and also Compile your scripts and upload them for sale at PlanSwift. We handle all of the licensing for you! 

Compile your tabs of assemblies or parts and upload them for sale at PlanSwift. We handle all of the licensing for you! 

SwiftDepot Web integration. Imagine your supplier's database of material ready for you to drag and drop on your takeoff and then submit that takeoff right back to them for your material purchase!

Added an XML messaging interface.

Improved load speeds.

And Much More!