A CPC file is a special compression format that contains a TIF image. The purpose of the CPC Converter Tool is to extract the TIF image from out of the CPC file.

Note: For versions prior to 8.0, is best to run the CPC Converter Tool on the CPC files before attempting to create a job with the files as the CPC files themselves will not be loaded into PlanSwift. Use the converter tool on the CPC files in the temporary folder that they were downloaded to and then create the job in PlanSwift using the extracted TIF images.

To extract the TIF images:

1. Open the PlanSwift software and from the Tools tab, choose the CPC Converter Tool option.

2. For the folder containing CPC files path, click the Browse button and locate the folder that contains the CPC files. Then press the OK Button.

3. For the Output Folder press the Browse button and locate the folder that you would like the extracted TIF files to be saved to. Typically this will be the same path as was set for the Input folder.

4. Press the Convert button. The TIF images will be extracted to the selected Output Folder.