Setup Requirements:

.net 4.0 or higher (included with Installer)

Sage100 Contractor Edition 2014 or higher.

PlanSwift 10.0 or higher.

Installation Instructions:

PlanSwift and Sage 100 must be installed and licensed (registered) before attempting to install the Sage 100 Integration.

1. Download the Sage 100 Integration Installer


Note: Please contact your Sage 100 reseller to obtain a copy of the Sage 100 Integration. 

2. Installation.

Before Installation can begin, both PlanSwift and Sage must be closed. Double-click the installation file obtained from your Sage re-seller, and follow the prompts.

Note: During the installation, you may be asked to download additional files.

3. Configure Sage 100 User.

Note: You must be a Sage 100 Administrator to update Sage user accounts. 

a. From the Start menu, launch Sage 100 Contractor. Log into the company you will access through the SDK as supervisor.  

b. In Sage 100 Contractor, select main menu option 7-3-1 Security Groups


c. In 7-3-1 Security Groups, create a group named API, making sure the group number you assign is unique.  

d. In 7-3-1 Security Groups, assign the appropriate level of access rights to the API group.

    e. In Sage 100 Contractor, select main menu option 7-3-2 User List.  

    f. In the 7-3-2 User List window, select the Display Passwords checkbox.  

g. Add the desired usernames and passwords. For each user that you add, click in the empty Group 1 field to display a menu button.

h. In the menu button, select the API security group.  

i. Repeat this selection for the remaining Group fields. 

4. Licensing the plugin.

a. Open PlanSwift 10

b. Select the Sage 100 Contractor tab located on the left panel under "Templates".

c. Click the "New Job Button"; the licensing dialog should appear.  

d. Enter your Email Address and Password.

e. Press Ok.

You should receive a message that your plugin has been successfully activated.  

Note: If for any reason the plugin did not activate, please contact your Sage 100 re-seller.