ACS - Advanced Costing Suite

(Plugin no longer available from the plugin store)

The Advanced Costing Suite is an add-in to the PlanSwift Takeoff and Estimating software. ACS is for the user who needs a costing solution based on parts and assemblies without having to create it from nothing.  The add-in installs pre-defined  types into the PlanSwift software that sets up an entire costing system within the application in a matter of a few minutes. This alone greatly simplifies building your parts and assemblies. Users can then start building their library of items with ease, in fact all the end user needs to do is build their own calculation to quantify the items based on the formulas that work for them and enter a base cost for the item.  (Note: we do not provide cost data)

With ACS you are supplied with a robust project setup dialog where you can enter your project defaults for contact info, tax rates and options, global markups, global burden rates, and global overhead rates all based on the item types. All of your library items will inherit their respective global parameters while still giving the user the flexibility to override the default and set a custom rate.  ACS will also give you your total per unit cost and pricing based upon the items that are applied to the digitized takeoff.

ACS gives you enhanced reporting complete with costs, profits and an abundance of sorting possibilities . We do not build your assemblies and parts we give you the tools to easily build what you need to give you a custom your system in a very short time. (In fact it will save you 120** or more hours of setup time.)

Features & Benefits:

Quick hassle free installation saves you countless hours of setup

All back end costing calculations pre-installed.

Intuitive project setup menus.

Global variables for taxes, markup, burden, and overhead. (Separate global markups, burdens, and overheads based on the cost type)

All items have options for additional fixed overhead and burden costs. (Great for additional fixed costs such as mobilization costs)

All Item markups can be individually specified. (easily override the global settings)

Selectable labor wage rates (open and union shops)

Optional Labor fuel stipend. (Easilly include fuel stipends for labor a necessity with todays rising fuel costs.)

Project fields for  due dates, estimators, notes, contact information, Terms and conditions. (add relavent information to the job and pull that information into reports)

Dual tax rates for state, county or city taxes. ( Need to include tax? A simple check box will add tax to your jobs when required.)

All Items have options to be tax exempt

Organizational options for Division, Phase, Location and Zones. (Set the option ao a parent and all childre will inherit the value yet still allow you to edit individual items as needed)

Dynamic takeoff items that convert sub items into unit costs for condensed reporting. (report $ per unit)

Automatic Item numbering utilizing ACS-R.I.N.G. (Generate unique item numbers for your parts with the click of a button to use with our Cost updater)

Job cost updater Beta.

Includes all Estimating Views, Lists, and 12 custom reports.

Lists - User editable lists including the Standard 16 CSI Divisions and Sub-divisions.

New - Typical Takeoffs

New - Deduction Digitizers

New - Folder Options

New - UDA Export

New - Last Modified timestamp on job

New - Added change Order # and Change Order Report.