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- 0316318: [Bug/Defects] New Folder button within Tools Manager (D. Holloman) - beta.

- 0314975: [Enhancement] When Installing Plugin Remove 2nd Text box That Warns PlanSwift Will Require Restart After Installation Has Completed (D. Holloman) - beta.

- 0313879: [Enhancement] Item not remaining highlighted in Takeoff Summary after Properties window is closed (D. Holloman) - beta.

- 0312822: [Bug/Defects] Adding multiple pages to existing job - Root folder selection issue (D. Holloman) - beta.

- 0315062: [Bug/Defects] Notes Sidebar Insert Date/Time Button (D. Holloman) - beta.

- 0312570: [Bug/Defects] Layers icon not appearing in left pages panel when creating a new Job using DWG (D. Holloman) - beta.

- 0314969: [Enhancement] Fill With Sequence - Templates (D. Holloman) - beta.

- 0312661: [Enhancement] Ability to pull the numbers from Dimension line (Aaron Watts) - beta.

- 0314946: [Enhancement] Add Double Click Functionality To Access Properties of Plugin in Tools Manager List (D. Holloman) - beta.

- 0316332: [Enhancement] "X" In Takeoff Summary and Pages Search (D. Holloman) - beta.

- 0314968: [Bug/Defects] Spelling Error When Exporting Plugin and Having It Require Agree To Terms and Conditions (D. Holloman) - beta.

- 0316481: [Bug/Defects] Add text to Show ReportDesigner dialogue box (D. Holloman) - beta.

- 0316480: [Task] Remove Blue Text About Plugin Updating In Automatic Update Dialogue Box (D. Holloman) - beta.

- 0316492: [Exceptions] Error/Exception on fresh install of (D. Holloman) - beta.

- 0315947: [Bug/Defects] Adding formulas to the Qty column field in estimating tab (D. Holloman) - beta.

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PlanSwift - (Released 12-14-15) [ View Issues ]


- 0315958: [Enhancement] Adding an option to extend the DPI Range for TIFs in the Settings Tab (D. Holloman) - closed.

- 0314938: [Bug/Defects] Remove Download to Mobile Device Button and Sync Path (D. Holloman) - closed.

- 0315241: [Bug/Defects] Importing and converting PDFs to TIF issue (D. Holloman) - closed.

- 0312948: [Bug/Defects] Reports page size not saving. Columns not resizing. Can be saved using the now included Report Designer. (Aaron Watts) - closed.

- 0315962: [Task] Add the SINGLECLICK TAKEOFF trademark info to the About window (D. Holloman) - closed.

- 0315885: [Task] Change the text in the pop up info box on PDF to TIF converter (D. Holloman) - closed.

- 0315959: [Task] SINGLECLICK TAKEOFF trademark needs to be added as a HOVER NOTE (D. Holloman) - closed.

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PlanSwift - (Released 12-14-15) [ View Issues ]


- 0314448: [Enhancement] Report Designer will be included now as part of the core. (D. Holloman) - closed.

- 0312788: [Bug/Defects] Action Log overwriting itself - Product version is actually (D. Holloman) - closed.

- 0314421: [Bug/Defects] Application Error Message When Updating and/or Installing (Aaron Watts) - closed.

- 0312488: [Bug/Defects] When creating multiple sections of takeoff on a page that already has 50+ items of takeoff it takes a long time to stop recordin (D. Holloman) - closed.

- 0313777: [Plugins - NF/E] Update Beam Tool Plies to default to "1" - closed.

- 0313885: [New Feature] Add “Fill Sequence” right click menu to the Estimating and Reports tabs - closed.

- 0312653: [Enhancement] Add + and - buttons to templates tab for expand all and collapse all. - closed.

- 0312810: [Documentation] Spelling error in update dialogue box that lets you know V10 has not been installed - closed.

- 0312551: [Bug/Defects] Unable to move multiple items with the adjust arrows on the templates tab (B.Bywater) - closed.

- 0312598: [Bug/Defects] Bug when Reporting a bug under the help in the software - closed.

- 0315531: [Task] Hide The Update Plugins Button On The Plugins Tab (D. Holloman) - closed.

- 0315532: [Task] Update the EULA for PlanSwift as per Textura Corporation orders (D. Holloman) - closed.