Area Pro

This New Area Type will give you instant access to the following additional properties: - Openings Linear Total - Openings Area Total - Gross Linear Total - Gross Area - Gross Volume Now with script for calculating these properties for Default Area Type.

Items Included:

  • Items

Area Pro

  • Page Items

Area Pro Section

  • Plugins

Gross Area, Linear Total, Volume

Functionality Area Pro Plug-in will install a new digitizer item, enables you to receive calculated information for:

  • New Area Item’s with Subtraction about:
    • Total Openings Area
    • Total Openings Linear Total
    • Gross Area
    • Gross Linear Total
    • Gross Volume
    • Option for creating Segments for Each Line in Area
  1. Install Notes
    1. Open PlanSwift if it is not already open.
    2. Go to Download Plugins