. Main Form

1.1.          PlanSwift default names of properties column and user defined names

Description: These fields are made for multi-language support and User Defined Export of Costs and Prices (where Price Each or Cost Each = MS Project Resource Standard Rate and Price Total or Cost Total = MS Project Task or Assignment Costs). In the main case, they do not need edition.

1.2.          Parts exporting to Resources options

Description: Here are five combos. They manage the way that each different Part Type is exported to MS Project. Available options are: Material, Work and Cost (2007 and up).

1.3.          The Logic of Export is (for now fixed L):

1.3.1. If Item Type is Folder, Digitizer or Assembly it will create Tasks;

1.3.2. If Item Type is Part, Material, Labor, Equipment, Sub or Other it will check Parts exporting options and create Resources and add Assignments(There is a check for resource uniqueness – key is Part Type and Part Name)

1.4.          The Result is a Copy of Estimating but in MS Project

BUT ONLY IF the logic of used methodology in estimating is equal to Logic of ExportIn other words: in the estimating must not be used Items with Type ‘ITEM’ and Parts are Childs of ‘Tasks’ and do not have their own SubChilds.

- See more at: http://www.planswift.com/phpkb/article/export-to-ms-project-for-planswift-version-9-2227.html#sthash.GGfLLnjj.dpuf