Multiline Tool 

Items Included:



No special requirements.

Install Notes

Files Needed Multiline.SwiftPluginPackage from PlanSwift Plugin Store


  1. Open PlanSwift if it is not already open.
  2. Go to Plugin Store Tab and make the necessary steps for downloading the plugin.
  3. When download is finished choose "Open”. This will process the installation.

After installation you will find Multiline Tool in Linear Dropdown Menu on the Home Menu Tab.

Removal Notes


  1. Open PlanSwift if it is not already open.
  2. Go To Plugin Store Tab
  3. Click on the Uninstall Plugin button in Plugin Tools Section
  4. Choose "Multiline” and proceed with Next


This tool is for fast drawing of a multiple parallel lines.
Custom options include:         

  • # of Lines – Number of additional elements, that will be created ·        
  • Offset – Distance between elements ·        
  • Justification – the side where the additional sections(items) will be created ·       
  • Each Section As New Item ChekBox ·        
  • New Item Type List ·        
  • Auto Generate ChekBox

Methods(available in Multiline Section Only - )

  1. Draw Multiline – for  drawing the additional sections for first time
  2. Refresh Multiline – for redrawing additional sections in these events
  • OnPointMoved