Bookmarks provide an easy way to quickly move to pages and even specific areas of pages. By default, PlanSwift docks the Bookmarks to the Pages window. The Pages window is at the top, the Bookmarks window below that. 

If you wish, you can undock the Bookmarks window by right-clicking the Pages, Booksmarks window header, clicking on Bookmarks, then clicking on Undock

The undocked window can now be drug to wherever it is convenient for you.

To add a Bookmark, first select the page from the Pages window that you would like to bookmark. If you want to bookmark a particular area of the page, pan to that area (right-click and drag). If you want it zoomed in on,  and then use the mouse wheel to zoom to the level that you would like. Bookmarks automatically store both the pan and zoom settings in place at the time you create the bookmark. Bookmarks may also be organized and stored in folders. To set a bookmark, click on the green plus (+) in the Bookmarks window, enter the new name for the bookmark in the Bookmark window that opens, and click on OK

The new bookmark appears in the Bookmark window.


 If you want to move the new bookmark to a higher level, click on the bookmark, then click on the up/down arrows button. This opens the Adjust Bookmarks Order window, where you can click on any bookmark, then click on the arrow keys to move the bookmark. The two large up and down arrows on the right move the bookmark all the way to the top or bottom of the list. The two small up and down arrows on the left move the bookmark up or down one line for each click. 

The left and right arrows allow you to move the bookmark into or out of any folder you can create using the folder button in the Bookmarks window.

Once the bookmark is added, simply click on it to immediately view the page (and the location on the page) saved with the bookmark.

Enter a name for the Bookmark, check the box for Create Snapshot if you want to capture a small image of the bookmarked area, then click Ok. To view the snapshot of the Bookmark, click in the camera icon to the right of the bookmark name.

Now there is a created Bookmark in the Bookmark window. Anytime a page is open, clicking the desired Bookmark in the list will automatically change the page to view of that specific Bookmark