When looking at old jobs in your PlanSwift data folders, you may decide you want to sort or see other custom properties. While you can always add a new column and then add the information that way, there is a way to add properties to a job as you pull them into PlanSwift.

To do this we are going to need access to the 'Types' tab in Templates

WARNING: Editing 'Types' in the template tab can make universal effects to items and properties in PlanSwift. Please tread carefully when editing anything in the 'Types' tab.

1) First, we need access to the 'Types tab. To do this, go to the 'Settings' tab and then the option for Interface. In here there is an option to "Show Types in Templates'. Make sure this is selected.

2) Now we make a type called "Job" to add the property to. You can do this in the Templates tab, and you should now have the Types tab to select. Once there, click the 'New Item' button and name it "Job".

3) Now we edit the properties in the Job item that we created to show up on our new jobs. Click on Advanced on the New Item, and then click the green plus button to add a new property. Then edit the properties as shown below.

        - Name (the name of the property you want).

        - Type (if you want your input to be a number, leave as 'Number'; if you want text select 'Text').

        - Make sure Input is checked.

        - Make sure Inherit is selected so new jobs will have this property.

4) Now that the property is added, restart PlanSwift and pull in a job to see if the new option appears. It should come up on the second screen when adding a new job.

5) Now we make sure we can see this property on the open screen. Go to 'Open' and then hit the 'Column' button on the open screen. Next press the green plus button to add an extra column, and make sure it is named the same as your property you added.


6) Lastly, to edit old jobs and input this property, select an old job and click the 'Properties' button, and it should let you input your new property.