This How To guide describes an easy way to modify the Label Count Tool so that you can set the text height of the Labels on the Labeled Count Launch Property Window.

(*Note: you will be modifying types, as well as scripts for this, so if you change anything else besides exactly what we show, you could potentially break your program. I intend this guide for people familiar with types and basic knowledge of software. )

So first we need to access the "Labeled Count". Type in the "Types" tab in the "Templates" Window. 

If you do not already have it showing, here's how to access it: Click "Settings" -> Click "Interface" -> Click "Show Type Tab in Template Screen".

Once viewing the "Types" Tab you will locate the "Count Dropdown" and right click on "Labeled Count"; and select "Properties", then select "Advanced"

In the Advanced Window, you then need to click the "Add New Property" button. 

In the "New Property" window you will need to name the new property "Note Text Size". (The reason for this is to align it exactly with the script we are going to modify); you then need to add it to the "Estimating" group and check the "Input" Checkbox. 

Then Click "OK".

Now Scroll to the bottom of the Properties List and locate the property "OnPointAdded".

If you click on the "Formula" box for the "OnPointAdded" property, a box will appear called "Edit" (the edit box is not shown here, but it will appear).

Click on "Edit"

A script editor will pop up, sometimes in the background (either click on the PlanSwift Icon on your taskbar to bring the script editor to the front, or just minimize the PlanSwift window).

Now you all you need to do is replace that script with this one: it's nearly identical, with a minor change on "Line 10" where it says ('Text Size',1). We are changing that line to ('Text Size',Item.GetPropertyResultAsString('Note Text Size','')) that will allow the script to pull from that new property we created. Then you need to click Save at the top and close the Script. 

Now go to the home tab and set your new Note Text Size property to the DPI you want. For example, most pages are converted at 200 DPI, so if you wanted your text box an inch big, you would set the note text size to 50.