There are a lot of factors that can contribute to the Excel Integration not working and can make it tricky to troubleshoot, but these are some good guidelines to check and follow if you get stuck.

Make Sure You Have The Right DLLs

The majority of the time that either no DLLs are installed or the wrong ones are installed, you will be using the PSConnector9 and SwiftXL9 DLLs from our help page, because they work for 32-bit Excel, which will be the most common instance. This is a quick reference on which DLLs are for which versions; the files for 64-bit are included below.

  • PSconnector.dll (4.97 MB) / SwiftXL.dll (917 KB) - Planswift 8; Excel 32-bit
  • PSConnector9.dll (3.09 MB) / SwiftXL9.dll (919 KB) - Planswift 9 and 10; Excel 32-bit
  • PSConnector9.dll (~7k KB) / SwiftXL9.dll (~3k KB) - Planswift 10; Excel 2013 64-bit
  • PSConnector9.dll (5.96 MB) / SwiftXL9.dll (12.09 MB) - Excel 2013 and 2016 64-bit

Registering the DLLs

When registering the DLLs:
  • Make sure you are running as admin: If you are not running as admin on the user account that needs the integration, EVEN IF you enter the admin credentials, it will not register to the account. You must register each user account even if it is on the same computer. This is the hardest thing to explain to 3rd party IT, but you just need the account elevated while registering the DLLs because it registers to the user that you are admin under.
  • Make sure the name is correct: In some web browsers, when you save the DLLs, it will save the file "PSConnector" "SwiftXL" (with no '.dll" at the end), and this will give you an error when trying to register them.

Inside Excel

If you have the correct DLLs and you registered them successfully, but you're still not getting a right-click option, here are some things to check in Excel to see if it is preventing the integration from working:
  • Addins are enabled: Under File > Options > Add-ins, make sure the DLLs are showing up under Active Application Add-ins, and not Inactive Application Add-ins. If they are under inactive, select 'COM Add-ins' from the Manage drop-down (And Go...) and click the check boxes respectively.
  • Other Addins Enabled: Sometimes Addins from other programs can interfere with the DLLs functioning properly. If they have other Active addins, go in and disable them (in the column that says Type it will tell you where to go under Manage and un-check the respective boxes).
  • Cell View is Normal: Under the View tab there are various options for how the cells are displayed, and if this is not set to Normal, you will not have a right-click option.
  • Cells Are Not Combined: Additionally, if there are any merged cells, you will notice the letters or numbers appear to be skipping; these will also not work with the right-click function.

User Accounts/ Machine

Once you have tried everything with PlanSwift, registering, and inside Excel, and it's still not working, it may have something to do with the machine.
  • Antivirus: Add an exception for the DLLs themselves and the Addins folder. Sometimes this is why the DLLs were not present to begin with.
  • User Account: Sometimes there is something corrupt in the specific user account you are trying to register to, so the DLLs are still not registering correctly. Create a new admin user account and download the DLLs and install them; usually at last resort, this works. 
  • Worst Case Scenario: If none of the following things have allowed for a right-click option, you will want to try reinstalling Excel. If you have a later version of PlanSwift, it is recommended that you install PlanSwift version 2010. If this still doesn't work, it's possible that other components on your machine are making it unable to use the integration and at that point it is beyond our support.