**PlanSwift is a 32-bit software and therefore has some limitations in memory usage. This is a 3rd Party software that we have tested that works as a remedy for issues related.**

Patch requirements:

  • 4gb of RAM available
  • 64-bit Windows

This patch allows PlanSwift to use 4GB of RAM.  It will help PlanSwift in completing large tasks like pulling in detailed PDFs.  It may help speed performance in some cases.  

  1. Download the 4GB patch from the bottom of this article 
  2. Make sure PlanSwift is closed.
  3. Run the patch. Once it starts, you should see a File Explorer window pop up like this:

4. Next, find and select the PlanSwift.exe file. The default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\PlanSwift#  

Note: This may be a different path if you chose a custom path when you installed PlanSwift.

5. If you are not sure where the PlanSwift.exe is, just follow these steps:

a. Open PlanSwift.

b. Go to the Home tab.

c. Select New Job.

d. Select Local as the New Job location; this will display the local storage path.

e. Remove "\Data\Storages\Local\Jobs\"  from the path; this will leave you with the path to your PlanSwift.exe file.

6. Now, in the 4GB patch window, browse to the PlanSwift.exe location and then select the PlanSwift.exe file (this might just say 'PlanSwift', but it will have the logo as shown below).

7. Select Open at the bottom of the window; after a moment it will finish and give you the following message:

Note: If you get an error instead of the window above, it means you either still have PlanSwift open (PlanSwift must be closed before installing the patch) or you will need someone with Admin permissions to install the patch for you.

8. The patching process is complete. You will only need to do this once, and PlanSwift remains patched until you either re-install or update PlanSwift.

Developer site: http://www.ntcore.com/4gb_patch.php