We have been experiencing a major issue with the SwiftMaps Plugin where our users are getting a tile formatted message across the SwiftMaps workspace, obscuring the image.


Currently, I believe the Scale on the image will still work correctly it's just difficult to use the plugin because the image is darkened and the words may obscure the takeoff area. 

We have a "workaround" for this issue by using Google Maps and either grabbing a Screen Shot of the issue, or printing the image to a PDF (better quality) and importing them into Planswift and using the scale added in the bottom right of the image to scale the image manually in the software.

Here is a Step-by-Step guide on the Workaround:  

  1. Use Google Maps to locate the Address
  2. Select Sattelite View
  3. Orient the Image so you can see the object fully
  4.  Print the Object Using a PDF Writer (or capture Screenshot)
  5.  Import image into Planswift
  6. Manually Set Scale using Scale in the bottom right of the Image