The Highlighter tool allows you to mark areas of your plans in color freehand.

1.  Select the "Highlighter" button. If you select the lower part of the button, the color drop down menu will open to allow you to select the color you would like.

2. To draw straight lines pick the starting point left click your mouse then move to the end point or corner. 

3.  Right click again. You can make as many connecting lines as you want or can have multiple unconnected lines.

4.  To draw freehand or curved paths simply hold the lift mouse button down as you move the cross hairs.

5.  To draw boxes simply set the "Record Mode" from "Point to Point" to "Box" at the bottom of the screen.

6. When you are done, click the "Digitizer Record" button or ESC to stop.

You can also have the Highlighter tool go freehand if you'd like to avoid drawing in straight lines. To do this:

1. Make sure you are in point-to-point and the freehand option is selected.

2. Once those options are selected, start the highlight and then click and hold down the left mouse button until freehand comes up next to the highlighter point. Do not move the mouse while holding the mouse down. 

3. Once the freehand message appears, hold the mouse button down and drag your highlighter where you would like to highlight.

If you want to change the highlighter tool options, go to the 'Settings' tab, then 'Annotations'. There is a 'Default Highlighter Settings' which allows you to set the size and transparency of the Highlighter. 

See video below on how to use the highlighter tool: