From within the Templates tab you can create a new count for use in estimating and takeoff before you need then, or export/import them into jobs.

1.  To create a new count item select the "New Count" button, to create a new sub-item count select the lower portion of the button.

2.  The "Form" properties window allows you to name your count item, set the shape, size, color, fill and location. 

3.  When finished click the "OK" button to continue, you have created a new count item for your use.

4.  The "Advanced" Count option allows you to enter, set and update more option. 

5.  Select the "Advanced" button to open the properties window.

Estimating - This section allows you to estimate, set formulas and equation for estimating and define other count estimating rules for use later.

Item - This section allows you to set general information about the template count including the name and the count type.

Other - Under this section you can set some of the action the count will handle.

Audit Trail - Properties related to when the folder was created and when it has been updated.

Created By - Who created the folder.

Time Stamp - Date and Time the Folder was updated.

Padlock - Allows you to lock and unlock the contents of that row.  Clicking on the lock will change the setting.

Light bulb - Indicated if the row is visible or not.

Yellow Bulb -  Row Visible.

Gray Bulb -  Row will be invisible.

6.  When done click the "OK" button to continue, you have created a New Count for your use.