From within the Templates tab you can create assemblies for use in estimating and takeoff before you need then, or export/import them into jobs.  Assemblies allow you to pre-build all the materials and tools you will need for a specific item, such as concrete slabs.

1.  To create a new assembly select the "New Assembly" button, to create a new sub-item assemble select the lower portion of the button.

2.  The "Form" properties window allows you to name your assemble and set basic information about the assembly. 

3.  When finished click the "OK" button to continue, you have created a new assemble for your use.

4.  The "Advanced" Assembly option allows you to enter, set and update more option. 

5.  Select the "Advanced" button to open the properties window.

Padlock - Allows you to lock and unlock the contents of that row.  Clicking on the lock will change the setting.

Light Bulb - Indicated if the row is visible or not.

Yellow Bulb -  Row Visible.

Gray Bulb -  Row will be invisible.

6.  When done click the "OK" button to continue, you have created a New Assembly for your use.

7. Once the assembly has been created you can add your other materials, labor, equipment etc as sub items of the assembly. This can be done in several ways depending on how you have created your items.

  • You can right click on one of your other parts in  your templates and select copy, then select the newly created assembly and right click and select "Paste as Sub Item"
  • You can select the newly created assembly and add a "New Item as a Sub Item"

Creating Basic Parts :

Advanced Properties Video 1: 

Advanced Properties Video 2: