Color Scheme allows you to pick the colors you prefer, Black, Blue or Silver.




1. When checked shows the Under the Hood Screen Tab (but requires a password).  This allows access to some of the internal settings of PlanSwift; although you may need to make changes here, it is advisable to work with professionals when Under The Hood.

2. When checked will show the Types tab in Templates. 

3. When checked will show a full screen cursor rather than a smaller one.

4. When checked will cause the cross hairs to be displayed on your plan images.

5. When checked will show large scroll bars rather than smaller ones.

6. When checked will show you tool hints.

7. When checked will show you digitized information.

8. Shows extra tools in the plugins, used for developers.

9. Shows the option to browse for your jobs in other locations than data storage.

10. Disable job lock; used as a security lock to lock other users out.

11. Show ReportDesigner. Used for those with ReportDesigner training.

12. Disable Estimate Grid Overtyping. Removes option to type after clicking in the estimating tab.

13. Shows Auto Count Tool in the Home page.

14. Enables higher ranges of DPI to be entered when pulling in plans.