Keyboard Hotkeys allow you to make quick one key selections of tasks you do often.

PlanSwift comes with many already set hotkeys however you may update and change then as you like.  For some options you may select two different hotkeys.

Hotkeys that are not listed on the Keyboard Hotkey settings page:

Copy: Ctrl + C
Paste: Ctrl + V
Undo: Ctrl + Z
Next Page: Page Down
Previous Page: Page Up
Select All Items between first and last click: Shift + click (on last item)
Select multiple items in random order: Ctrl + click
Start the Arc tool: A
Close an Area or a Linear: C
Delete an item: Delete
End recording: Esc
Move selected items (digitized): Alt (hold the alt key down after selecting the items and drag)
Rotate Point Counts: O (rotates the last placed point count or all selected point counts 90 degrees)
Undo the last digitized node: Backspace
Zoom to selected objects (digitized): F5