The Report Layout allows you to select the look and content of reports.  You can select from predefined reports or create your own.

1. Allows you to create a New Folder.

2.  Allows you to save the current report layout for later recall.

3.  Allows you to add a new report layout.

4.  Allows you to delete the current report layout.

5. Allows you to refresh the Report List.

6. Allows you to edit the properties of the selected Report.

Basic -  The simplest of the report layouts show basic icon, name, and digitizer information.

Estimate with Markup - Show your estimate numbers along with any markups you may have.

Estimate  (Customer Copy) - Show the same information as the Estimate with Markup but without the markup information for viewing by customers.

Request for Quote - Provides the necessary information for other contractors to give you quote on work.

By Location - Breaks the report down by location if you are working with multiple locations on one report, such as multiple houses or office units.

Report View - Provides you with all the information available for the reports.

You can customize these reports or create new report layouts anytime you want.