Report Filters determine what actually shows up in the report. PlanSwift uses the 5 typical cost categories: Subcontract, Material, Labor, Equipment and Other (you can create other categories as well). To edit the filter, click on the Customize button in the lower right corner of the screen.

This will bring up the Filter Builder window. Here, you will choose what data you want to filter, the operator for the filter, and the criteria you are filtering for.

By clicking the green highlighted words, you can choose what you would like to filter, such as quantity, type, folder, etc. This list is generated by what columns you have defined for the report. Then, by clicking the red highlighted word, you can select what operation you want the filter to perform. Finally, by clicking the blue highlighted word, you choose specifically what criteria your filter will follow.

For example, you can set a filter for Quantity (Qty), is greater than, 100. This filter will show all the items where the Quantity is greater than 100. At times, you can select more than one operation for the filter.

You can have as many different conditions to your filter as you would like, simply click on the new condition button. Once you have created your filter, click apply in order to run the filter. You can save your filter for future use by clicking Save As, and you can also view a history of recently used filters by clicking the down arrow next to the filter at the bottom of the screen.