PlanSwift has the ability to export report data to a defined section of an existing Excel template. 

This allows you to have a predefined header of information that is static and them populate an area of it with the PlanSwift data. 

PlanSwift makes it easy to export reports to an Excel Template format.

First, you will need to set up your Excel sheet and define where the data will be populated. This is a pretty simple task. The two commands to add to your template are:

  • <begin data>
  • <end data>

On the left you see the Template file .xltx or .xlt - On the right you see the exported data that has populated between the data tags.

There is one caveat to this: the space between the data tags must be large enough to accept the amount of data coming from PlanSwift.

Once your template is set up you can configure the report to show the data you need to export. It will take whatever is shown on the Grid View, so make sure the grid view is expanded to show all information. Then follow these steps to export.

1.  Select the Export to Excel Template button.

2.  Enter or browse to the location of the Excel Template file. The template file must contain the proper syntax for the exported data to display.

3.  Click open.

4.  Once the file opens, the data should be populated.

5.  Edit and save the Excel file as needed.