In order to share your Reports with other users, search for PlanSwift 10 (or 9) directory in your program files. Once inside the directory, click on data,  you will see a "Reports Folder", from there select the Reports you would like to share, and simply copy them by right clicking and selecting copy. 

The simplest method would be to just copy the reports to a thumb drive or onto a network  location that is accessible from other computers, from there other users can copy and paste it into their Reports Directory on their computer.

There is another way to share Reports by using a third party application available from Google. The program is called Symlinker.

Additional information regarding the SymLinker application used in this video can be found HERE

Please Note: This application is not supported by PlanSwift

This program creates a symbolic link, similar to a shortcut, which will read the contents of another directory, then places it into the directory which is located in your data directory.

  1. Copy the report directory to a network location that all users have access to (this is only done once)
  2. Once copied delete the original reports folder in the PlanSwift Data directory
  3. Run the SymLinker application
  4. Enter the information as indicated in the image
  5. Press the Create Link button
  6. You will need to create a symlink on all of the other computers that need it
  7. Restart PlanSwift