From within the Software License Options section you can remove or activate your PlanSwift software license.

Remove Software License

1. Select the Software License Option button.

2. To remove your license, select the Remove License option drop-down button.

3. Click OK to confirm you want to remove your license.

4. Your license will be removed, click OK to close the window.

Re-enter Activation Code

1. Select the Software License Option button.

2. To re-enter your activation code, select the Re-enter Activation Code button.

3. To automatically activate PlanSwift, enter your Customer # and Pin # and then click Activate Now.

4. You will be shown the successful activation window.  To close the window, click OK.

5. If you have troubles, you can manually activate PlanSwift by selecting the Manual Activation button.

6. Make note of your Computer ID.

7. Either click on the link or enter in your web browser to go to PlanSwift activation page.

8. On PlanSwift's activation page, enter your computer ID from step 6, your Customer # and Pin #.

9. Click the Next Step button to continue.

10. Select your license from the drop-down menu and enter the version of the PlanSwift software you have.

11. Click the Get Activation Code to get your code.

12. When successful, you will be given your Unlock Code.  Make note of it before leave this page.

13. In PlanSwift, enter the Unlock Code you received in step 12 into the Activation code box.

14. Click the Activate button to activate your copy of PlanSwift.

15. When complete, click OK to close this window, or go to the online videos.